Beyond the classroom, students have many opportunities to showcase their music and be a part of something larger.

For more detailed information, please read this document about Honors and Awards.

All-State Orchestra

The Florida Orchestra Association oversees multiple events throughout the year, including the establishment of the All-State Orchestra each year. This audition-based orchestra is highly competitive, and getting in is worthy of high merit. There are two distinct orchestras: the 9th - 10th grade string orchestra and 11th - 12th grade full orchestra.

For more information, visit the Florida Orchestra Association's website,

All-county orchestra

The All-County Orchestra is also an audition based orchestra for students in Hillsborough County. It is also difficult to claim a spot in this competitive orchestra, and students are expected to practice the audition material for multiple months before their audition. All-County also has two distinct orchestras: the 9th - 10th grade string orchestra and 11th - 12th grade full orchestra. 

Solo and ensemble festival

The Florida Orchestra Association organizes the Solo and Ensemble Festival. It takes place on one day, and students can play either a solo or an ensemble with up to seven others for a panel of judges. They will then receive an assessment and rating: from highest to lowest, Superior, Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor. All Steinbrenner orchestra students are encouraged to play at least one piece at Solo and Ensemble Festival each year.

Master MusiciaN

Master Musician is a program overseen by the Hillsborough County Secondary Music Council. It is a title designated to chosen applicants, and is one of the most prestigious honors for music students. To become a Master Musician, one must submit a portfolio of work as well as take and pass a theory exam. It is a lot of work, and the process of putting together a portfolio is a long-term goal available to orchestra students over the course of the school year.