Steinbrenner Orchestra

The Orchestra Family - Welcome to All

Steinbrenner High School houses three different orchestras:

Concert Orchestra - where incoming freshman are placed. Most come from playing in middle school, but some especially devoted students have done well after starting their musical career here in high school.

Symphonic Orchestra - Steinbrenner's largest orchestra, where most students go after Concert. This orchestra includes players of many different backgrounds and levels of musical ability, but the most important thing is that everyone works and plays together.

Chamber Orchestra - the home of the best and most devoted orchestra members. This orchestra is the only one with an audition requirement, as it is also the smallest. However, anyone can audition - including incoming freshman (although the class has mostly upperclassmen). Every year, this orchestra becomes an especially close-knit community.


Find out about our history, our traditions, and what we do as an orchestra every year.

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