Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions provide information about the guitar program at Steinbrenner.

If you have any additional questions that are not covered here, please contact us.

do I need to have my own guitar?

You are not required to have your own instrument or supplies. We do have a class set of classical guitars you may rent for $43.40 to use during class time for the school year. However, having an instrument at home is a good way to practice and improve. If you are performing in an ensemble, it will be requested that you bring in your guitar near the time of the concert.

Are there any other fees? 

There is a required $43.40 supply fee, which will cover the costs of instrument maintenance, new strings, picks, and workbooks for students, as well as other miscellaneous costs throughout the semester or year.

Are performances required?

Students in Guitar Ensemble are required to perform during performances. Participation in such events will make up the largest portion of your class grade. There will be two or three performances throughout the year for ensemble students. Rehearsals will be held during the class period, not after school.

Can I skip guitar 1?

No, all students must start in Guitar 1.