Steinbrenner Guitar

The Steinbrenner Guitar Program is also run by the orchestra director. Guitar classes are broken down into two levels:

Guitar 1 (full year) - The entry level course designed for students with no prior experience to learn how to play a guitar. Curriculum includes workbook pass-off lessons that give students the rudimentary information and individual feedback they need to continue their music education. 

Guitar Ensemble (full year) - This class includes the courses guitar 2, 3, and 4. Students must take guitar one or have a recommendation from their previous teacher. Unlike the guitar 1 course, this is a performing ensemble.  Students perform solos as well as in small ensembles and as a large ensemble.  Some of the performances will involve classical training while others will involve modern music including pop, rock, and alternative genres.

Please see Frequently Asked Questions for a list of questions and more information regarding the guitar program.