Welcome to Steinbrenner Orchestra!

We promise you will have fun learning and improving with us over the years. All of the information you need to get started can be found to the left.

For now, here are some FAQs that new students commonly have coming into orchestra in high school.

Will Orchestra take up all of my time?

Definitely not! You get out of orchestra what you put in, and there are opportunities for a very dedicated student to spend a lot of time contributing to the orchestra. However, we've had orchestra students in Chorus, Band, Legends, various sports, and a whole host of other activities. All we ask is that you practice at home a few times a week.

Do I have to come to all of the performances and rehearsals?

Yes, this is a requirement and participation in concerts makes up a large portion of your grade. If you absolutely cannot attend, you must personally discuss and submit your situation in writing with Ms. Szarowicz per the handbook and an alternative assignment will be given pending the situation.

What if I can't find room in my schedule?

You can. Your guidance counselor might suggest that you not take orchestra in order to take other classes that are required to graduate (such as American Government), but there is always a way, and you will absolutely find that taking Orchestra is worth it. F.L.V.S is a great way to take a course online a free up room for orchestra. You will never have the opportunity to take orchestra later in life unless you are a music major. Talk with Mrs. Szarowicz if you have any concerns.