Steinbrenner Orchestra has been playing since 2009, and we get better and stronger every year.


Our Mission

Orchestra to us is more than playing instruments. We aim to play well and have fun doing it, so that every student feels they can improve their musical abilities in a fun and inclusive environment.

What We Do

  • Learn and Play Music - Each year, Steinbrenner Orchestra hosts four to five concerts, where each of the three orchestras will play multiple pieces, including one played together by all orchestra members.
  • Travel - Orchestra also allows students to play outside of school. From playing for other schools to playing at competitions, Orchestra expands into the community. Students also have to opportunity to play in other orchestras for additional assessments. At the end of the year, all orchestra students are invited to a final end of the year trip to perform outside of school.
  • Socialize - All orchestra students are part of Orchestra Club. The club meets on Steinbrenner club days for team building games and activities. It is a way for students to make friends and get to know the others they are playing with. Check out the calendar for Club Day dates.
  • Reflect - After the last concert, Orchestra hosts a banquet for all of the members, where awards are given, seniors are sent off, and the year is celebrated. During the last few weeks of school, students have an active role in shaping the coming year through suggestions and votes.